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Minecraft Video Creators
  • 1,000+ Subscribers
  • At least 300 views per video

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Advantage for apply with us

URL Custom

You will get a custom URL in the web, in the custom URL you can set a requirement for suscribe into your youtube channel for enter to the generador

Click here for see a example

Promote your videos

If you upload a video about the generator you will get promoted in our Twitter.

Rank Affiliated in our Discord

You will get the rank "Affiliated" in our Discord.


Direct support with the staff

If you have any question you will have a faster contact with the staff of the generator.

We sponsor accounts for your channel

If you need any account NFA, SFA or FA we can gave you an account totally free.

Earn money with your custom URL

If you have 3,000 suscribers we can pay you depending of the clicks that you get in your affiliate link.